The 3 Crucial Steps Women Need To Take To Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

Don’t Be Conned By Trendy Diets

keep-calm-and-forget-fad-dietsAll diets have one thing in common and that is you need to eat food that is not fatty. This is further from the truth..

To get the energy for your day and your activities, you’ve got two choices…

Carbs or Fats.

Those are the only two “macronutrients” that can give you energy. Even if you eat just protein, your body will convert it to carbohydrates to meet its energy needs through something called gluconeogenesis.

As soon as you eat carbs, you release more of a hormone called insulin, which locks fat in your cells!

Yet research shows that as little as 4 days on a reduced carb diet — eating the right proportion of tasty carbs, at the right times — will suppress your Alpha adrenoreceptors. And as we’ve already seen, your Alpha receptors are what’s trapping the fat into your most troublesome body parts, and holding you back from the body you deserve!

As you can see by now Alpha and Beta receptors are the key to either having a shapely lower body, or being saddled with embarrassing bulges on your thighs and bum.

With most of the FAD Diets the advice actually promotes your fat-trapping switches and blocks your fat burning switches! Which is why stubborn lower body fat has always been the final battle for woman when it comes to weight loss…

Being able to control these triggers in your body is easier than you think.

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Having control of these will allow you to finally get rid of that fat in those unwanted areas. Those skinny Jeans don’t need to be ditched just yet….

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