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8 Signs Your Teenager Could be Suicidal

Teenagers that are depressed often think or in some cases speak of or make “attention grabbing” attempts at suicide but the sad thing is that the number of successful attempts is on the rise and these signs should be taken very seriously.

Look out for these 8 Signs that may be indicators your teenager is depressed and had suicidal tedancies.

1. Talking or Joking about Committing Suicide.

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These jokes can be said in passing and should be taken seriously. The amount of times this gets brought up by your teenager can increase and become less joking in nature. In many cases it can be attention grabbing but by no means should be shrug off.

It can is a form of attention seeking but can become more serious in nature. These are usually early tell tale signs your teenager is depressed.

Could This Be The Best Solution For Pain Relief During Labor

reduce painThe Secret To Pain Free Labour?

Could this be the Solution To a Pain Free Labor for expectant moms. As most mothers will know giving natural birth can be a pain endurance like no other. Reducing this pain can be a life saver and there have been no shortage of products introduced to help aleviate this pain.

Introducing the Laboraide

laboraideLaboraide is a mouthpiece designed as a naural aid to help reduce the pain when in childbirth. You mayAwards for Laboraide be chuckling at reading that but it seems there is some truth to how this system works.

In order to reduce the pain of your contractions the device acts as a cushion between the teeth and alleviates tension in the jaw area.

Studies have shown that a relaxed jaw is proven to be linked with the ability of the uterus and the pain of contractions and time in labor to be significantly reduced.

The Laboraide also won SILVER in the “Best Baby & Toddler Gear” segment of Nursery Trader in 2013.


What are They Saying About LaborAide


How Does it Work

For many women, the first and second stages of labor can last several hours. If there was a way of reducing the length of the second stage, this would surely be good news.
When a woman is in labor her body is in a state of stress. In response, the body secretes large amounts of adrenaline, which can lead the woman closing her mouth and clenching her jaws thereby contracting the neck and back muscles. This results in the woman feeling greater discomfort and stress.
The Laboraide Mouth Piece is designed to act as a cushion between the teeth and alleviate tension in the jaw.  The change in posture with Laboraide has two major effects:

  • Maintaining the relaxation of the jaw, the neck and the shoulders creating a significant knock-on effect down to the abdominal muscles, which have to contract to expel the newborn.
  • Allowing consistent free oxygen flow to the lungs, resulting in the increased oxygenation of the muscles

Scientific Studies have found that a dental support device such as Laboraide has proven to shorten the second stage of labor by as much as 40% when the mother is required to activate the abdominal muscles to help push the newborn through the birth canal.