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See How Coca Cola Destroys Your Internal Organs

In an effort to visually convey the health harms that Coca-Cola unleashes on the body, Fabio Pantoja created an unexpected twist on the otherwise simple, lighthearted logo.

Fabio Pantoja’s  shocking infographic incorporates the various body parts that the soda destroys right with the lettering of the famous logo; for example, there is an eyeball dangling from either end of the “C” and a heart makes up the second “A.”

Take a look at his dark, yet truthful, demonstration of how drinking Coca-Cola is anything but healthy:

Coca Cola

How drinking soda destroys your body

Heart problems

According to a study published in Circulation, the journal of the American Heart Association, it’s been found that drinking soda is associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease. The more you drink, the more you increase your odds of cardiovascular problems down the road. And diet sodas are just as harmful; everything from stroke and fatal heart attacks are linked to excessive consumption of diet sodas.

Coca Cola 1

Vision issues

It’s been noted that, in patients with Multiple Sclerosis, when they stopped drinking diet soda, problems with their vision and even their hearing improved. The artificial sweeteners which are used in these zero- or low-calorie drinks offer no nutritional value and have been linked to everything from altering eye health to causing memory loss.(5)

Bad for bones

Research has shown that drinking both regular soda and diet soda increases the chances of developing osteoporosis. Soda consumption has been found to diminish women’s bone mineral density, especially in their hips.(4)

Destroys your stomach

Coca Cola 2

Drinking soda can irritate your stomach to the point of creating or worsening ulcers. It can also lead to esophageal problems in which phosphoric acid rises in the stomach and produces discomfort typically known as acid reflux or heartburn. All of the wear and tear to your stomach lining and esophagus is damaging and can put you that much closer to developing related cancers.

Destroys skin

Too much soda is known to prevent skin from maintaining its supple texture. It dries it out, clogs pores and alters skin’s natural moisturizing oils so that they don’t work properly. Rather than having soft, healthy skin, skin takes on an aged, unhealthy appearance.

Leads to obesity, diabetes

Coca Cola 3

Soda – both diet and regular – are known to lead to obesity, which of course is one factor behind developing diabetes. Regular sodas are brimming with sugar, while diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners which have been shown to increase appetites, rather than keep them at bay, and lead to overeating.

We applaud Pantoja’s eye-opening design. His design tells it like it is: Drinking soda eats at your insides, destroys your body and unleashes chaos on your organs. Avoid soda at all costs!

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Non Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Non Hydrogen Peroxide Based Teeth Whitening is now the Norm


Non Hydrogen Peroxide Teethe Whitening More and more people are looking to have their teeth whitened and the trend is expected to increase in leaps and bounds. Search volume for certain term son Google is running into the 10’s of millions so no sign of abating.

The expense of going to a dentist to have your teeth whitened has given rise to many home kit products. With the ban on certain peroxide based formulas in the EU caused the teeth whitening market to go towards non hydrogen peroxide based formulas. This is not a bad thing as the demand for product with high levels of chemicals in were never going to last. People want natural based ingredients especially when it going to go in your mouth.

There was always going to be a demand for non peroxide based teeth whitening home kits as many people suffer from sensitive teeth and peroxide tends to cause irritation. These concern have pushed the demand for natural based teeth whitening products that do not contain any peroxide based ingredients.

One of the more popular home kits is Zero Peroxide which is an all in one Teeth Whitening Kit which is made up of Gels, Mouth Tray, LED Accelerator, touch up pen and more. It is fast becoming the go to kit for getting your teeth a few shades whiter.

Every item in the kit has a use an is included for a very specific reason. Most dentists will charge a fortune to carry out the procedure and they use the exact same things that come in the Zero Peroxide Kit.

One of the biggest selling point of the kit is that the gel is based on a Sodium Bicarbonate mixture ratherteeth no peroxide than peroxide. This makes it fully compliant with the EU and more importantly does not cause irritation. Non Hydrogen Peroxide based ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate have shown in clinical trials to actually whiten teeth more effectively. Enhanced with chamomile the whitening process is speeded up and also offers a much healthier oral hygiene.

One of the more beneficial parts of the kit is the LED Accelerator light which helps to speed up the oxidisation process helping the gel along. This all fits snugly into a carry bag that can be taken with you when travelling.

You can also track your progress by using the tooth shade guide that also come with the kit. There is nothing left out and you will be able to whiten you teeth at home without anyone even knowing.

If you are looking for a non based peroxide based teeth whitening solution then we feel the Zero Peroxide kit is all you will ever need.

 Zero Peroxide is Guaranteed To:


  • Whiten Teeth By Up To 10 Shades
  • Remove Unsightly Blemishes
  • Gets Rid of Discolouration
  • Improves the Health of Gums and Teeth
  • Get Results in as little as 20 minutes
  • No uncomfortable Irritation


Final Thoughts

We strongly feel that you will not be disappointed with this fantastic Non Hydrogen Peroxide formula. Zero Peroxide are so confident you will be happy with the results that they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee. This is on of the best and longest guarantees in this industry.

If you are for any reason not happy then just return it for a full refund. You have nothing to lose.


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