The 3 Crucial Steps Women Need To Take To Fit Into Those Skinny Jeans

skinny-jeans 3For Women trying to shift weight the biggest problem is trying to shift weight in very specific areas.

Did you know that strict dieting and certain types of exercise can actually trigger a biological “switch” in a woman’s body, that forces your fat cells to greedily TRAP fatty acids, or even store MORE fat?

There is a way to flip that “switch” the other way so your body actually goes into a “fat release mode”

You see, it is now clear that your fat loss and weight gain are controlled at a cellular level by something called Adrenoreceptors, which is a fancy name for Adrenalin Receptors.

It’s the Adrenalin Hormone that is the key to you losing or putting on weight.

Men and Women have both Beta Adrenoreceptors and Alpha Adrenoreceptors… Turning Beta Receptors on “Burns Fat” and Alpha Receptors, when turned on “Stores Fat

For women unfortunately, there are 9x more Alpha Receptors than men, so no surprise women find it more difficult to shift the weight in those tricky areas.

Fear not though, as there are ways of Activating the Fat Burning Beta receptors and suppressing the Fat Trapping receptors.

Read on to see what these 3 Crucial Strategies are…….


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