Eat McDonalds for 30 Days and Lose Weight

eating burgerNo this is not a link bait headline. There is a guy in South Dakota that ate Mcdonalds burgers for 30 straight days and was able to lose 9 pounds and shed in the region of 20% of his body fat. Not only that but his HDL or Good Cholestrol went up and his blood sugar went down.

This might seem like a con of a story but the weight loss was down to 2 changes he made which is the main secret to speeding up fat loss for anyone.

Now if you tried this you would probably pile on the fat and feel like the guy from the movie “Supersize Me”. The 2 changes that the guy from Dakota made was that he never ate teh starch with the fat. This combo is the catalyst for rapid weight gain.

The starch increases your fat making hormone insulin, so the fat delivers major calories for that insulin to convert into fat. So what he did was remove the bread and didn’t eat the fries, everything else he ate.

So the lesson is to seperate your starches and fats and you will see a huge difference in how your body reacts. The by product being weight loss.

The other thing he did was include some form of exercise and this was as simple as walking at least 15 minutes a day. This is the best way to boost your metabolism. This helps burn off any excess fat and is a great way to put the breaks on gaining weight at any age.

A little know secret to the over 35 year olds, scientific research proves that short equipment free movements create a powerful anti-aging effect which can:

  • Enhance Heart Strength
  • Boost Energy Production
  • Improve Lean Body Mass
  • Increase Calorie burn rate
  • Increase Belly fat loss
  • Enhance Sluggish metabolism

Believe it or not but you do not have to spend hours in the gym to achieve these life changing effects on your body. Lets face it we don’t have the time anyway so if you are looking for the results you want then check out the aftershoch program at

If you are over 35 and looking to regain that youthful ability to lose weight then you should consider this revolutionary Metabolic workout.

Everything you’ve been told about burning fat with exercise is flat out wrong!

In fact, much of what you’ve been told is causing the exact opposite to happen – making you FATTER, aging you faster, DESTROYING your health and DRAINING you of energy.




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