Facelift Gym for Men – Photos and Reviews

FLG MenFor a lot of men the appearance of dark rings or bags under the eyes has been a condition that they have been trying to solve for a long time. Its an unhealthy look and is mainly down the the blood circulation around the eyes. If you drink a lot of alcohol or eat unhealthily it can also contribute to this appearance.

A new product called the Facelift Gym can dramatically reduce the bags and rings under the eyes. Its for both men and women but the product has seen a surge in men buyers over the last year. There have been a lot of facelift gym customer reviews on-line mostly from those that have had success with the product.

Facelift Gym FOR Men

Some of the facelift gym photos on-line give strong evidence of how some have reduced and removed the saggy bags and dark circles under their eyes.


So Does the Facelift Gym work and more importantly how does it work.

The Facelift pack or program is a whole workout for your eyes. It comes in the form of 2 eye pads which generate electric pulses. These pulses help to stimulate the blood circulation in that area and will slowly rejuvenate the skin changing it’s texture and elasticity. ¬†The stimulation of the muscles in this area forces the bags to slowly disappear.

With regular use of just 10 minutes 2 – 3 times a week will result in a fresher appearance. The fact that you don’t need any creams of expensive operations to get these results has caused thousands of people to buy the product.

The Key Benefits are:


  • Eliminates the Bags Under Your Eyes
  • Improved The Skins Condition in that Area
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Strengthens Muscles
  • 33% Extra Power for Men (The men’s program is stronger)
  • Results are Permanent


The Facelift Gym Program comes with a lot more than just the eye pads. You also get a the Facelift Gym drink which is a nutritious blend of Vitamins and Minerals which help to boost the Collagen in your body.

Facelift Gym has worldwide Shipping at very reasonable prices.

Shipping Costs:

USA – $7.50

Canada – $7.50

Europe – $14.50

All other countries – $20.50

Delivery within the US is by USPS and within 7 – 14 days depending on your location.

 Download the Instructions Here:

Click on the instruction manual below and find out how the Facelift Gym actually works, how to apply it and more:

Face Lift Gym Instructions

Click On the Instruction Manual to Find Out More.

The Facelift Repair Kit is like no other treatment on the market. Usually you would opt for creams but the Facelift Gym actually removes all these and leaves nothing on the skin. All the toxins are removed and the years of oily cream build-up is stripped away. This sometimes is the cause for bad circulation in that area.

It acts as a kind of detoxifier as all the creams and oils over the years actually keep the toxins in your skin so by using the Facelift Gym you are ridding your skin off all those impurities.

If you need to treat the bags under your eyes then give the Facelift Gym a try. There is a money back guarantee so if you are not happy with the results or the product itself just return it for a refund. You have nothing to lose. There are many men that have had good experiences with the product and you could too.


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