How Much Weight Could You Lose in Under 2 Weeks

Crash diets are never a good idea as you will usually put the weight back on again. These kind of diets are usually the result of someone wanting to look good for an upcoming occasion or event and need to lose weight fast.

It may involve some drastic measures and is never good for your body. However saying that you can get your body to go into an effective fat burning calorie deficit mode.

Adam Steer explains below how to do this below. So if you are in need of losing weight in a hurry then this may be your best and safest option.

How to Shed 10 LEGIT Pounds of Fat in ONLY 12 Days

The new 10-in-12 Diet method is NOT a get-slim-quick starvation diet.

It’s designed to keep you healthy and energetic as you quickly drop the most fat possible without losing precious calorie-burning lean muscle in the process.

I use two strategic — and virtually unknown — nutritional tactics to make this magic happen.

The first is my unique variation on the “Protein Sparing Modified Fast.” It’s basically the easiest way to reduce calories without putting ANY of your valuable, calorie-burning lean muscle mass in jeopardy.

The second method is something very powerful that I’ve developed: a unique fat cycling technique.

Training your body to be “fat adapted” shifts it to burning fat as its favorite source of fuel. This is pretty common knowledge.

But here’s the twist…

By strategically depriving your body of fat for short periods of time, you can trigger a powerful surge in fat-loss as you force your body to basically eat its own fat to fuel daily activity.

Perhaps you’ve heard of “carb cycling” before…

Well, when done right, fat cycling can be even more powerful when it comes to torching off belly fat in record time — especially if you’ve been a low carb dieter in the past.

Unfortunately, very few people know how to use fat-cycling correctly.

By coaxing your body into this fat adapted state (while you protect your precious calorie-burning lean muscle mass) you’ll actually see your belly get flatter in the mirror each morning.

Your clothes will feel looser by day 4. And by day 12 you’ll need to pull out some of your “skinny” clothes — or just go shopping for new ones.

Of course, you have to be willing to actually FOLLOW the plan.

But keep in mind; it’s only 12 days. I know you can do it!


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