How to Take 5 Years Off Your Age by Drinking Collagen

SkinadeCollagen is the precious protein that forms the basics of reguvenationg skin, keeping it firm and making it look radiant. We tend to start losing skin elasticity after 25 so at a relatively young age. What come snext is the sagging apprearance and wrinkles.

Oen company that has capitalised on this is Skinade which wasd developed in the UK by scientists. Skinade complys to EU approved ingredients and provides a perfect ratio of liquid to active working ingredients.

These all work together to create and advanced bio anti ageing skin care product in liquid form.

Why a Drink vs a Pill

Scientific research has shown that liquids have a far hgher bio availibility and absorbtion rateskinade than a conventional pill. Skinade has an absorbtion rtae of between 80 – 90% compared to that of a pill which is 30 – 40%

Lots of people struggle to take pills so a liquid drinks makes it much easier for the majority o fusers to take.

Its no wonder that Skinade has been taggedas the next generation  liquid food supplement.

Traditional face creams are applied to the skin and need to penetrate deep into the dermis to have any reall effect. Studies have shown that only a small % of skin creams are actually if at all being absorbed by the skin properly.

Skinade works from the inside. The advanced formulation of low molecular weight collagen and essential micro-nutrients ensures rapid absorption nourishing your skin from the inside, giving you a more youthful, glowing and radiant complexion

What the Media has said about Drinking Collagen


You can read more on the article here:

Its clear from this article that drinking collagen is not a new trend and that many have already sumbled onto the benefits of taking collagen to boost the appearance of their skin.


The Collagen in Skinade

Studies have shown that the collagen in Skinade impoves skin hydration an dsmoothness and in turn boosts cell turnover.

By stimulating collagen synthesis, collagen peptides improve the water-binding ability of the outer layer of skin, reducing fine lines and preventing the formation of deep wrinkles.

If you take Skinade daily for up to 12 weeks the collagen peptides will show results that have:


  • Increased skin hydration levels
  • Increased skin smoothness by reducing the number of fine lines
  • prevent the formation of deep wrinkles
  • Improve the skins suppleness


Our Thoughts

There is more than enough evidence that Collagen boosts the skin and creates elasticity and new generates new cells. The question is whether you take a pill or drink it. As outlined above drinking is a far better option.

Skinade is one of may such types of products on the market. We would recommend trying them for at least 90 days. There will be no harm to your body, we all need more collagen so if anything you will feel and look different to those around around you.

Pay close attention to the wrinkles around the eyes as this is where the skin is most thin and will probably get the quickest results.