The Secret To Losing Weight Fast Before Your Wedding Day

wedding-dressThe big day is arriving and you still feel a little tight in your expensive wedding dress you know you need to lose weight fast so what is the best solution.

There are millions of women getting married everyday and one of the most important things for most is to look good in that wedding dress. You have paid a lot of money for it and on on that one special day you are going to shine.

So How can Women Lose Weight Fast

Did you know that the by using a simple tip starting today you can literally drop between 2 to 3 dress sizes within a week. This is specific for women and is down to your genetic make-up and has nothing to do with daft exercise machines or pre-packaged diets or one of those South American berries that come from deep within the Amazon.

This is something so completely different and refreshing that you will absolutely love it. This weight loss tip is off the back of extensive research into Female Metabolism. Weight Loss for Men and Women is controlled by one master Hormone, that hormone is called Leptin.

High levels of Lepin in your body will speed up your metabolism and trigger a signal for you to burn fat. Similarly if your Lepin levels are low then your bodies Metabolism will slow down telling your body to store fat.

Okay so that’s Leptin and this is where it effects women differently and how they can lose weight quick. Research has shown that women tend to have twice as much Leptin in their bodies than men which is great news for women…. but wait, women do tend to have more difficulty in shifting weight than men.

Women can be about 3 times less responsive to that signal to burn fat, and are not getting the benefit of having the higher levels of Leptin. This is known as Leptin resistance but is just one aspect of the problem.

The other problem that women face is that when dieting the Leptin levels can drop by nearly double compared to men, which is why it can be so frustrating for women when they try and lose weight.

Okay so you now want to know how you get around this and lose that weight fast.

There is a way to reset the way your body utilizes Leptin to ensure your fat burning signal remains switched on. By doing this you have just turbo charged your weight loss all in your favour.

The Secret to all this is Metabolic Override which consists of powerful strategies that help power up your fat burning potential.

To get the full picture watch the Video below and see that as a women you no longer have to struggle with your genetic make up and the constant uphill battle in losing weight.

You will lose the weight fast and be able to turn it on and off whenever your want. A wedding in a week? No problem.

Watch the video below your dress size is about to drop and drop fast!

Lose Weight Fast For Your Wedding